Your Committee Members

The Willistown - Malvern Republican Committee is made up of your friends and neighbors who have devoted their time to promoting the Republican cause in our area.


          Jeanne LoCastro, Chair     Mimi Quinn Johnson, Vice Chair     Cathy Raymond, Treasurer     Rachel Shoemaker, Secretary


Gail Newman & Cathy Raymond

Willistown N-1

Dee Miller & Doreen Ellis

Willistown N-2

Carol MacQueen & Norman MacQueen

Willistown N-3

Jean LoCastro & Ted Leisenring

Willistown N-4

Deborah Regester & Bill Tickner

Willistown N-5

Jennifer Hanak & Don Mancini

Willistown N-6

Willistown S-1

Rachel Shoemaker & Erich Barchi

Willistown S-2

Sallie Campbell & Andy McDermott

Willistown S-3

Mimi Quinn Johnson & Bob Deluca

Election Campaign Speech
Election Campaign Speech
Vote buttons on flag
Vote buttons on flag
Election Campaign
Election Campaign